Become a Jeff master-franchise owner in the UK

Invest in your own store network through our multi-unit opportunity and lead our business model in your region. Monitor and control your stores in real time thanks to our streamlined processes and our top-notch technology.

Be part of an innovative business

We are looking for partners who are willing to manage a network of multiple stores, from 10 units to a whole country. If you are one of them, we are excited for you to become part of our team. We offer business franchise opportunities to candidates and companies with the right profile.

Long term vision and successful track record

Extensive knowledge of your market and customer oriented.

Investment capacity

Ambition to develop one or more business lines in an agreed territory

Understanding of technology and its benefits in improving business models in today's world.

Able to work as a team under a franchise system

Experience in people management.

A world of possibilities

We have different business lines available, and offer the chance to focus on one line or opening hubs of different business lines, the choice is yours. Each of our models has an optimized value proposition, a very clear identity and a differential offer. We want people to live good, look good, and feel good when using our services.

Presence in +40 countries

Home delivery laundry services Whenever you want, wherever you want.


+12 year experience in the sector

Affordable, nearby beauty salons and with no queues, your time stays yours.


78% more recurrence

Get in shape in a pleasant, fun environment, where the most popular classes and all reservations are available through our app, which means no unnecessary waiting.


36% growth in the sector

Well-being in your neighborhood, accessible massage centers providing short massages prioritising user relaxation.


A smart solution

Useful tools designed to make life easier for our Partners will be put at your disposal. You will have access to a multitude of technological tools necessary for the successful operation of your business, from management software to marketing tools, online training and much more.

You’ll have everything you need centralized, accessible information from multiple stores.

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We are a technology and business reference point.

“Jeff enters the beauty and fitness market to become a super-app”

“Hairdressind and beauty franchises: Mr Jeff's new bet to become a super app”

“New laundry app to hit South Africa”

Facebook Success Case

Facebook, 2016

Top 20 Best Startups in the world

Google, 2017

Best Entrepreneurial Project

Digital Tech Summit 2019

Top Global Franchise Award

Info Franchise & Business Concept, 2019

Our experience, your gain

Make your investment go far thanks to the support of a team with experience in global franchises and high-tech companies. We take care of evolving our business model and its technology so that you can achieve your goals.

People around the world are putting their trust in us

More than 2000 stores in over 40 countries


Todo el mundo confía en nosotros

Más de 2400 tiendas en más de 40 países